ŽATEC - September 11, 2004

According to the proposal of the Natives and Friends of the Žatec town Association , the Žatec town supports a project:

Meeting of Žatec Natives from all over the World

Which takes place in September 11, 2004 during celebrations that the Žatec town was mentioned for the first time tousand years ago.

This term was chosen because the Monuments Days are held as a part of the European Heritage Days. During these days you can visit all the historical monuments included in the Town Monument Reserve with a guide. For our participants will be two tours by bus around the town and its surroundings arranged. There will take place an international workshop about the town Žatec and its surroundings´ history and other activities. We will festive welcome our natives, their families and friends of the Žatec town from all over the World. There will be a great party with music, dancing and cultural programme in the evening.

We would like to invite you to this Meeting of Žatec natives, friends and all the people who like Žatec town. Please let us know your names and addresses, after that we can send you invitation cards with application forms and offer you accomodation and board reservations as well as send you some more details about the Meeting which won´t be easy to organize. Be so kind and tell your family members, friends and other natives you know about this meeting. We also want to make sure collectives, groups, companies, firms, schools and other organizations, which have relations in the Žatec town, that it is possible to cooperate for this Meeting. We wil be pleased to make you as a part of the participators.

We will send informations about this Meeting of Žatec Inhabitants from all over the World in 2004 to all addresses and e-mails included in our database. For more information check out our web sites: (in Czech as well in English) - E-mail: [email protected]

You can also bring your correspondence, application forms, addresses, demands and suggestions for the Meeting of Žatec inhabitants from all over the World to our office SRPMŽ, Námìstí Svobody 42, 438 01 Žatec or you can send it per post to our address mentioned above:

Petr Šimáèek, SRPMŽ, Zavátá 84, 154 00 Praha 5, CZ

We ask everybody for spreading our report as much as possible!


* * *


     Challenge and Declaration

to the Natives of the Borough of Žatec


The borough of Žatec in northwestern region is the place, where we were born or have lived and/or worked here, or we bear a warm relation and memory to this hop-growing center. Although many of us are living and working in various other towns and places, we love to remember and hear of the town on the Ohøe river, we like to come back. We as local patriots do not want to stand aside; on the contrary, we want not only to be better and more regularly informed over the events in the town, but we also want to contribute to the progress and improvement of the municipal memorial reservation and of the whole city of Žatec and the region. We want to participate on its prosperity and vigour - economic, cultural, in the area of tourism, in the media - to promote famous history of the town and express our opinions to its modern history and even to be active in it. We want to continue in the work of many famous natives of  Žatec. United forces only can help the town acquire its lost face again so that it could be placed among the other important living places to which it belongs both historically and in reality since time immemorial. In new political and economic circumstances we can at last contribute to full rehabilitation of the town.

We also challenge all the natives and patriots of the borough Žatec, its friends and supporters in the town, region, Czech Republic, Europe and in the world to join to our initiative and increase thus our power so that we could fulfil the objectives from our declaration. We also ask all Žatec citizens  to send us the addresses of those natives of Žatec who live out of the town.

In the name of Association of natives and friends of the borough of Žatec:

Postal address: SRPMŽ, Zavátá 84, 154 00 Praha 5, CZ


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